We Saved the Best for Last. Part 4 of 4

My last day of fishing over the New Year break, and hands down my favorite came on Saturday January 2nd.  I had my best and favorite fishing buddies aboard for the day. The kids wanted to catch some trout so I pointed the truck east out of the driveway and we were off to hopefully do just that.  We made it to the ramp about 30 minutes later after a quick stop for gas and snacks.  Having plenty of snacks onboard is very essential when planning a fishing trip with kids.  If you think they eat a lot while at home, you should see what they can put away when they get on a boat!  I’ll write more on ways to ensure success on the water while fishing with your kids later.

After launching the boat and a short 10 minute boat ride we were pulling into a creek that I hadn’t fished in several years, but based off of current conditions had a hunch would hold some fish.  I pulled the boat off of plane at the mouth of the creek and stopped about 100 yards short of where I wanted to start fishing.  I dropped the trolling motor, and while quietly making my way over to the spot, gave each of the kids a juice box and a snack.  In this case, it was some of momma’s fried chicken!  

 They started catching on the very first stop and didn’t quit until it was time to go home at dark. What a trip with memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Gold Broken Glass Mirrolure 17mr’s and curly tail grubs did the trick. We didn’t find any big fish, but every fish is a trophy in the eye of a kid.  Proof is in their smiles.  



New Years Day Crappie

Friday January 1st I snuck out for a quick assault in the New Bern area with good friend Steve Fifer and crappie were on our agenda. We pulled into a small creek off of the river and dropped the trolling motor.  Easing up to the first spot, we note that the water is higher than normal and despite all of the recent rain was pretty clean.  Once on the spot, we set anchor and began casting to dock pilings and stumps that normally hold fish.  After about 15 minutes and nothing to show for it, we started discussing our next move.  I decided at that time to pick up a one inch white curly tail with small silver spinner and fan cast the area.  On the third cast I hooked up with a good fish, but it pulled off by the boat.  Very next cast and I had another one on, this time I brought it aboard.  I tell Steve where I am casting and he fires in with a minnow under a cork and instantly gets eaten.  Why the sudden uptick in bites?  We found the fish, and were onto a pattern.  They weren’t up against the visible cover, they were offshore and holding on the first break or ledge.  We caught crappie after crappie in that same area using the same pattern and eventually decided to break fishing cardinal rule number 1.  We left fish to find fish!  What we were thinking, I am not really sure, but after an hour or so trying other spots with only a few other fish to show for our effort, we ended up right back where we started.  The day turned out to be one of my best days of crappie fishing in NC for both size and numbers. Along with the several crappie we caught, we also landed a few nice bream, but the crappie clearly stole the show.  Small jigs, wax worms, and small minnows got us bit in 3-8 feet of water.  The crappie bite in the New Bern area will last well into April and early May depending on seasonal temps, and then the bream bite will take off for the summer.  The crappie will still be around, but they will move to the deeper water of the river and seek shelter from the summer heat.


New Years Eve…Part 2 of Our Week Long Adventure

On Thursday December 31st, I had the pleasure of joining a friend of mine Ashley King.  We headed out on his boat for a recon mission for a charter he had the next day. We found a steady bite of trout right before and during the torrential downpour (thank goodness for good rain gear), but as soon as the rain stopped so did the fish. We caught several limits of trout, though most were barely legal 14.5-16 inch fish. The fish showed a very strong preference for gold broken glass sided 17mr’s and they wanted an aggressive pair of twitches followed by a 2-3 second pause.  Most of the strikes came on the pause.  In case you didn’t know, the 17MR MirroLure mimics a menhaden/shad.  The twitches followed by the pause replicate a dying baitfish and it drives predator fish crazy.  We will do a post on how to fish the 17MR in the near future. 


New Years Week Report 1

I started off my week on Sunday December 27 in the lower Neuse River by having Chris aboard the Intruder. We launched under thick fog and made a run to an area that had been producing some fish. After a couple of hours and only a few fish to show for our efforts Chris and I ventured off to a creek neither of us had ever fished before. We wound up striking gold and got on a good bite of mostly keeper trout, with a couple of nice fish in the mix as well as a few drum. DOA Deadly Combos with clear/red glitter shrimp out fished everything. We caught several limits of fish as well as a bunch of throwbacks, and brought 7 nice trout and 2 drum home to eat (we saved the 8th spot in the live well for a gator that never showed.      

Hey Fin Fans…

Welcome to our blog, we hope you join us as we venture through the world of fishing.  We are Captains Jack and Seth, two close friends with a common interest in fishing.  We focus most of our attention fishing the inshore waters of eastern NC, but you never know where you’ll find us fishing, or what you’ll find us fishing for.  Whether it be blue marlin in the gulf stream, or rainbow trout in the mountains, if it has fins WE LIKE TO CHASE IT.  Sit back, relax, and follow along as we share our adventures, and if you’d like to join us for a fishing trip, drop us a line and find out how.  Capt Jack