New Years Eve…Part 2 of Our Week Long Adventure

On Thursday December 31st, I had the pleasure of joining a friend of mine Ashley King.  We headed out on his boat for a recon mission for a charter he had the next day. We found a steady bite of trout right before and during the torrential downpour (thank goodness for good rain gear), but as soon as the rain stopped so did the fish. We caught several limits of trout, though most were barely legal 14.5-16 inch fish. The fish showed a very strong preference for gold broken glass sided 17mr’s and they wanted an aggressive pair of twitches followed by a 2-3 second pause.  Most of the strikes came on the pause.  In case you didn’t know, the 17MR MirroLure mimics a menhaden/shad.  The twitches followed by the pause replicate a dying baitfish and it drives predator fish crazy.  We will do a post on how to fish the 17MR in the near future. 



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