New Years Week Report 1

I started off my week on Sunday December 27 in the lower Neuse River by having Chris aboard the Intruder. We launched under thick fog and made a run to an area that had been producing some fish. After a couple of hours and only a few fish to show for our efforts Chris and I ventured off to a creek neither of us had ever fished before. We wound up striking gold and got on a good bite of mostly keeper trout, with a couple of nice fish in the mix as well as a few drum. DOA Deadly Combos with clear/red glitter shrimp out fished everything. We caught several limits of fish as well as a bunch of throwbacks, and brought 7 nice trout and 2 drum home to eat (we saved the 8th spot in the live well for a gator that never showed.      


Hey Fin Fans…

Welcome to our blog, we hope you join us as we venture through the world of fishing.  We are Captains Jack and Seth, two close friends with a common interest in fishing.  We focus most of our attention fishing the inshore waters of eastern NC, but you never know where you’ll find us fishing, or what you’ll find us fishing for.  Whether it be blue marlin in the gulf stream, or rainbow trout in the mountains, if it has fins WE LIKE TO CHASE IT.  Sit back, relax, and follow along as we share our adventures, and if you’d like to join us for a fishing trip, drop us a line and find out how.  Capt Jack